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Onigiri (also called omusubi) consists of a rice ball gohan, usually circular or triangular shape, which can be filled or being mixed therewith, and usually wrapped in a nori. It is a typical meal inJapan, where it usually takes at picnics or lunch on either side because of its practicality as a portable food.
The onigiri can be filled or mixed with various ingredients, but some of the mosttraditional are:
# Salmon
# Tuna
# Katsuobushi
# Miso
# Furikake
# Umeboshi
The onigiri rice has a cooking type gohan, and unlike sushi, does not carry any type of vinegar or dressing. That is whylandfills are usually salty and intense flavors, and also puts a bit of salt onigiri out. To better preserve the rice while wearing the onigiri on a picnic or something, you should put a sourfilling. But they are very good as it makes them one.
By making different varieties of onigiri, to differentiate them are often given different ways. Usually given triangular or circular, but each can giveyou the way you want.Another way to differentiate is to press lightly with a finger surface onigiri on one side and placed there a small amount of filling. The amount of algae that is added totaste.May just have a strip covering half of it or give you all the way around, be fully involved, or may not have algae. That's good for people who do not love the taste of the sea. This is the basic recipefor onigiri. The recipe is for 4 people.
* 500 g. gohan rice *
* Fill (to taste)
* 1 nori cut into strips about 2 cm wide and 6 long approx
* Salt
1. First you mustprepare the following gohan rice sushi rice recipe, but with 500 g. rice (double-carolina) and 750 cm3 of water, but without adding vinegar or anything. Only rice. Summarize the recipe if you do not wantto read: wash twice carolina rice 500g 5 or 6 times (until water runs clear), place in saucepan with 750cm3 of water, boil with the pot uncovered, after boiling , lower the heat to low, cover pan...