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INTEGRAL BREAD WITH SOYA FLOUR INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 milk cup 1/4 honey cup 2 teaspoons of salt 2 spoonfuls of oil 1 1/2 leavening teaspoons 1 soybean flour cup 1 1/2 integral flour cup 1 1/2 whiteflour cups of wheat PREPARATION: Entibiar milk, to add the honey, the salt and the oil. Still lukewarm the preparation, to incorporate the leavening dissolving it and to add the flour of soybean, theintegral and the white like beginning to knead, and to knead it bie. To leave in rest, in lukewarm place and woman who hides herself with mantel with a napkin, until it reaches the double of his volume.To return to repeat these steps: to knead and to let leudar. To form breads and to place them in ample molds oilings. To let leudar to the double of its volume and cook by one hour in hot furnace.SOUP OF POROTOS SOYA Ingredients: 2 cups of cooked porotos soya 1 onion 1 1/2 water cup 1 cup of perforated Popes 1 spoonful of butter or oil Parsley Salt to pleasure Preparation: The porotos gothrough a strainer, the ingredients are added to him and it is put to boil until the Popes are cooked. It is ripened and it is possible to be served accompanied as toasted bread.

MATTRESS OF POROTOSOYA INGREDIENTS: 200 grams of poroto soya cooked 300 grams of perforated tomatos 1 minced great onion 4 spoonfuls of oil Salt, pepper and oregano 4 eggs Preparation: To gild the onion in the hot oil. Toadd the tomato and to season to its taste, with the salt and the oregano. To add to the porotos mixing everything very well. To season. To make four hollows and to place in each an egg. To cover thefrying pan or the container of baking and to cook until the eggs you are cooked. If note that is dried to add tomato juice.
TORTILLA OF POROTO SOYA INGREDIENTS: 2 cups of poroto soya cooked Salt 4eggs Preparation: To sift in a strainer the two cups of poroto soya cooked, to add the four yolks, to beat everything and to add the salt to pleasure very well. To incorporate the four clear searches...
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