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AOF Principles of Accounting

Lesson 1 Course Introduction
This introductory lesson exposes students to some of the key terms and areas of knowledge that they will be studying throughout this course. They also learn about the skills they will develop that are crucial to the field of accounting. Students acquire a sense of the course objectives by looking at examples of previous students’culminating projects. Students also set up three tools that they will use throughout the course: a notebook, a binder, and a general taxonomy of key terms in accounting. Note: Lessons 6 through 9 require the use of Excel. This lesson is expected to take 2 class periods. *

Course Expectations
The National Academy Foundation serves and supports Small Learning Communities within existing high schoolsacross the USA. Our courses are intended to prepare students for postsecondary education and professional careers within their Academy theme. All NAF curricula are designed to be supported through high-level mentoring by business professionals and paid internships. In order to fully implement the new NAF curriculum, the following assumptions have been made about your Academy: • • The Academyfunctions as a Small Learning Community and contains a subset of students and teachers who are together for a 3- or 4-year span. The Academy has partnerships with employers, communities, colleges, and universities through an active Advisory Board.

* There are several introductory activities you may want to add before the first set of course activities, depending upon your own needs and preferences.Such activities will extend the length of this lesson and may include conducting a favorite icebreaker, setting course and grading expectations, teaching classroom procedures, and having students learn each other’s names.

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Unit 1 Getting Started Lesson 1 Course Introduction

• •

The curriculum is designed around the NAFAcademy Advisory Board playing an active role in students’ experiences. Certain lessons and projects require the continued support and participation of an Advisory Board.

For further explanation of what is essential for operating a highly successful NAF Academy, please go to The NAF Learning Handbook explains the instructional design of this course. In order to understandhow the course is structured and how the key instructional strategies work, please read The NAF Learning Handbook prior to teaching the course and refer to it as necessary throughout the course.

Lesson Framework
Learning Objectives
Each student will: • • • Identify the knowledge and skills demonstrated in a completed accounting project Deduce the skills and knowledge about accounting needed tobe successful in an authentic project Identify general accounting terms with which to build a taxonomy

Academic Standards
• None

• None

• A basic understanding of financial principles

Copyright © 2008 National Academy Foundation. All rights reserved.


Unit 1 Getting Started Lesson 1 Course Introduction

Instructional Materials
Teacher Resources• • • • • Teacher Resource 1.1, Video: Example Principles of Accounting Culminating Project Presentation (separate video file) Teacher Resource 1.2, Guide: Setting Up a Notebook Teacher Resource 1.3, Accounting Paper (separate Word file) Teacher Resource 1.4, Key Vocabulary: Course Introduction Teacher Resource 1.5, Bibliography: Course Introduction

Student Resources
• • • Student Resource1.1, Anticipation Guide: Principles of Accounting Overview Student Resource 1.2, Preparation: Setting Up a Binder Student Resource 1.3, Completed Example: Taxonomy

Equipment and Supplies
• • • • • Each student will need a 3-inch three-ring binder with dividers to use throughout the course Each student will need a spiral notebook to use throughout the course Video of a culminating project...
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