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I have a fear of heights because last year I went to the park chicamocha
This park had cablevuelo
I wanted to ride cablevuelo
but when I ride onthe cablevuelo
I started screaming and I felt dizzy
when I get off
I was shaking
so I do not like heights
I have a fear of snakes because
I went to yopal and athome where I was staying
I was in the room
I felt that something was moving in a corner
I get out of bed and I call my uncle
he opened a cabinet that was in thecorner
and was a snake moving in the furniture
I was paralyzed
I was in shok
I screamed and screamed
and the snake crawled across the floor
My uncle cameout with a stick to the street
this was terrible
I have a fear of spiders
I was in the company's working and I was moving some boxes looking for some papersand appeared a large, hairy spiders
I was so shocked
and I could not kill
and I get a partner
he killed the spider
I have a fear of the dark because
whenI was a child
I was alone in my house and it was 6 pm
I was scared because it was getting dark the sky
I was watching TV and suddenly
There was no light
andI do not know what to do
I was scared
and my mom came to my rescue
I have a fear of sharks
I see movies of sharks on Animal Planet and Discovery Channeland I can not sleep
I have a fear of visiting the sea and being attacked by a shark
These sharks have very large teeth and sharp
I have a fear of being kidnappedThere are many kidnappings in this country
this causes great pain to the person and the family
is very difficult for everyone
kidnapping is terrible
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