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The last weekend, I looked the boy in the striped pajamas movie,it is a fantastic film that recreates the Holocaust during the Second World War and This film allows you to reflect on life andfriendship
It is the history of a Bruno,he is a German boy, he is eight years old, he is the son of a strict commander who had just been assigned to his new position in a concentration camp. And ,they hadto leave to an isolated place called "Auchviz." Bruno felt very sad and desperate because he didn´t find a friend to play in their new home. From his window he can saw, on the other hand, a group ofhouses behind a fence and a lot of people wearing striped pajamas. All found there are Jews confined in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Bruno, in his innocence, he assumed that they are farmers.
Oneday, in one of his expeditions around the house, always hidden from her family, he finds a child on the other side of the fence, eight years old, like him. Bruno and Shmuel become a friend, Brunooccasionally brings her food and Shmuel speaks to Bruno of how his life was on the other side of the fence, how it was before and his family. Shmuel is brought home from Bruno to clean up a bunch ofcrystal glasses and he was accused of stealing food when it is really his friend had offered. Bruno apologizes to Shmuel days later, as Samuel had not come in days for the appointment after the fence,Bruno thought he had lost the friendship of his new friend. That is, seeing secretly for about a year.
Bruno's mother knew the true mission of her husband in the camp, and she discovered that in thefield are killing Jews when they smelled the smoke from a crematorium in the same field, and she decided a day that no is a suitable place for growing children. The mother and children would be leavingAuschwitz in a couple of days. Bruno gives the news of his transfer to Shmuel, the day that Shmuel is sad because his father isn´t at camp. Bruno decides to help, as would be the last adventure...
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