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1. How has the MNE evolved? How have the changes in MNEs affected HR?

The MNE has evolved by the process of internalization of a company. There are eight forms: internalization through export,this has little effect on IHR other than possible training opportunities. International division or global product division, when international sales or purchases reach a significant level a newdivision is created with full responsibility for all international operations; as a result HR department will now need to become involved with development of HRM policies and practices for the foreignoperations. Multi-country is when international businesses establish copies of their home offices and operations in relatively self-standing foreign subsidiaries; HR department must not only provideservices but it must also coordinate HRM activities and practices of the many subsidiaries, seeking both consistency with the culture and policies of the parent company and accommodation of local valuesand practices. Regionalization is when a firm decides to conduct its international business on a regional basis. The global firm when operations are becoming blind to national borders because of thestate of internationalization. Here HR must engage in global on boarding programs and continuous development in the standardized practices on the MNE.

2. What are the various choices that MNEshave for entry into IB? How do the functions of HR vary with these various choices?
Licensing and subcontracting, HR activities in this area usually focused on two types of activities: in licensingand contract manufacturing. Outsourcing is the process of contracting with an external firm to provide products or services that would otherwise be completed internally. These involve the HR inplanning, managing and execution. Off shoring is a process that involves the relocation of one or more aspects of a firm’s business processes to a location in another country for the purpose of lowering...
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