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It is a continuous process to improve performance for organizational success.
It gives clarity to individuals about what their employer expects.
It motivates and recognizes success and failure.
* The PM cycle applies to the organizational, groups and individual level and it is all about:
* Job description: Agreeing performancestandards.
* Job plan: Agreeing Objectives
* Review of performance standards and objectives
* Constant Feedback
* Identification and support of development needs.

* It is common to find that PMS do not perfectly work and some of the reasons are:

* They are partially implemented
* They compromise the quality: People work fast to meet the requirements and do things bad.* Ignorance of the manager: People who do the evaluation is not well informed what the job is about.
* Lack of transparency
* Thick the box mentality, especially for routine jobs
* Lack of trust. Between employee and manager or employee and organization.
* Nepotism – Patronage
* Too rational; does not take into account humanity.

* It is also found that the system notalways allows to reward people with excellent levels of performance neither to punish others with the worst results. Especially in the public sector where no more than 10% should be excellent and no more than 10% should be bad.
Networks – Mutuality: Many time people get jobs because they know the boss, recruitment and selection processes are skipped, salaries are considerably high and people workmore than anything because the boss is his friend or there is a kind of relationship.

* To make the system better would be significant to add these 2 more elements:
* Job Evaluation
* Job Design

* Some dilemmas found are:
* Should managers give jobs that people like to improve the developing staff?
* Is the job rotation a way to accelerate development?
* Who is thecorrect one to do the evaluation, somebody related or not with the job?
* A dancer should be evaluated by another dancer or by someone from another department?

* If a boss keeps having complaints about someone that basically means that both are having problems since it is the boss who is not taking the right measures for improvement.

* A person, who gets a salary of $10000, isreally costing to the company $10000 x 2 1/2 approx. Since there are taxes, national insurance, heating of offices, cleaners and holidays to pay among others which turns the cost into $25000. The manager needs to make sure the person works effectively to make that money return and is increased. A system the cost per hour depending on the activity is commonly used as well as the differentiation ofthe activities to be done and how each of them contributes to the incomes.

EMPLOYABILITY -------------------------------------------- ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Issues – Costs + Benefits
How to calculate productivity
Equity / Fairness/ Conflict
How to set targets
Improving Performance

JOB ANALYSIS: The process of collecting, analyzing and setting all therelevant information about a job.
It is a process that reviews positions for job content. This analysis occurs prior to job evaluation, reclassification, recruitment of a new position, and at other times as needed. 

In order to obtain an accurate analysis, HRM relies on the employing department and the employee, where applicable, to provide the following information: a completed Job AnalysisQuestionnaire, a department organizational chart, information about any changes in the department which have affected the position, and be available to clarify any information submitted.
Human Resources will then analyze the information and determines whether the position can be grouped into an existing job or whether a new job needs to be created.
Some problems of the Job Analysis are:
• Lack...
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