Recycling activities

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Recycling activities

* empty tissue box
* elastic bands
* toilet roll
* paint
* glue

Make an Elastic Band GuitarCreate a guitar using elastic bands which make sound when you pluck them.

After you have used up all the kitchen roll keep the tube so you can use it to make the top of the guitar

Glue thekitchen roll to the top of the tissue box

Find a tissue box and different sized elastic bands.

Paint the tissue box red and the roll brown

Finally place the elastic bands around the tissue boxafter the paint has dried. Make sure the elastic bands go in order of size. Start with the thickest band and end with the thinest.

Finished! Now just start playing!

* egg carton* paint
* 2x ping-pong balls
* foil
* tissue paper
* glitter
* tinsel
* glue

Make a Croc-Monster
Use empty egg cartons or burger boxes to create crocodiles, dinosaurs andalligators that open and close their mouth.

Find an egg box or alternatively you can use a burger box.

Glue on 2 ping pong balls for eyes.

Draw eyeballs with black pen.

Glue the teeth onto egg box.

Cut red card for tongue and glue to mouth.

Cut foil into small squares and roll each piece into a cone shape to make teeth.

Paint the egg box a dark green.

There you go! A scarymonster!

* Large Yoghurt Pot
* piece of paper
* 1 Elastic Band
Make a Drum
Be creative with an old yoghurt pot and make a fun musical instrument quickly and simply.

Finda large yoghurt pot and clean it.

Cover the top with a strong piece of paper and wrap an elastic band around it. Finished! Enjoy!

* empty drinks can
* frozen peas or rice* paper
* bluetack
* glue

Make a Shaker
Complete the band with this simple homemade percussion instrument.

Find a can and clean it. Then remove the ring pull. Fill the can with frozen...
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