Red hat virtualization

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Database Auditing

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Standard Database Auditing
Oracle Database provides robustaudit support in both the Enterprise and Standard Edition of the database. Audit records include information about the operation that was audited, the user performing the operation, and the date and timeof the operation. Audit records can be stored in the database audit trail or in files on the operating system. Standard auditing includes operations on privileges, schemas, objects, and statements.Oracle recommends that the audit trail be written to the operating system files as this configuration imposes the least amount of overhead on the source database system. To enable database auditing, theinitialization parameter, AUDIT_TRAIL, should be set to one of these values: Parameter Value Meaning DB Enables database auditing and directs all audit records to the database audit trail (SYS.AUD$),except for records that are always written to the operating system audit trail DB_EXTENDED Does all actions of AUDIT_TRAIL=DB and also populates the SQL bind and SQL text columns of the SYS.AUD$table XML Enables database auditing and directs all audit records in XML format to an operating system file XML_EXTENDED Does all actions of AUDIT_TRAIL=XML, adding the SQL bind and SQL text columns OS...
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