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  • Publicado : 27 de abril de 2011
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The social networks are technological platforms which are part of the internet. Logging into them, we can create a profile with aur information, put pictures, upload videos amd songs and of course,chat with friends.
The social networks can provide us many advantages, as for example, making a lot of new friends , getting to know them a lot better and in many occasions go to visit them to theircountries or they can visit us.
We can create or join different group of discussion where we can debate about many things and learn about evetuthings. However, sometimes people sometimes get annoyingand irritating when they want their opinions to be the best.
On the other hand, the social networks have a big disadvantaje, which is that people can get in your personal account, take a look at yourpictures, your personal information and is many cases, crazy people get obsessed with beautiful girls or handsome men.
The most common and known social networks are facebook, twitter and tuenti. Iprefer twitter above the rest.

I will talk about two movies I have seen, one of them is my favorite movie and the other is my least favorite film.

The movie I liked least was the clockworkorange, the content is violent, the film about the life of a young man not control his violent impulses and sensual, this man has done harm to others.
After being captured by the government, thegovernment intends to continue treatment to stop their violent impulses, this treatment results in a major shift in attitude.
I do not recommend this movie because its content is very aggressive and playswith people's feelings.

Moreover, the film that I liked was karate kid.The movie is about ...
Dre Parker is 12 and is the most popular kid in Detroit, but a career change takes his mother to live inChina. Friendless in a strange country, Dre does not have to turn to, only the building manager, Mr. Han, who is secretly a kung fu master who taught Dre that martial arts is not just bumps and...
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