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Holidays in New Zealand with Rugby Team

Dear Mum,
I’m writing this letter in the train. We’re going to the south of New Zealand, a littletown near Canterbury, because there is one of the lakes more important of New Zealand, the name is Mapourika Lake. It’s a wonderful place. We’re inthe second week of our two weeks away.
In the first week we arrived to New Zealand in Monday. And Tuesday I was in the hotel with a rest ofrugby team members. Wednesday all the team went to Auckland, the New Zealand capital, to watched rugby match. The match was New Zealand versusWales. Then we leaved Auckland and fly to Wellington, Friday we went to “The Black Seeds” Concert. It’s a popular band of music there. Moreover inWellington we could visit “The New Zealand School of Music”, but I didn’t like it.
Sunday we went to New Plymouth with bus. On the way, we did aquick visit to History War Museum near of New Plymouth. There we played our first rugby match again a regional team. It was a great match, but welost.
In the second week we will go to North of New Zealand because there are a lot of forests and lakes where there is a typical New Zealandanimal, the kiwi. It’s amazing animal. Furthermore we want to visit the Maoris towns, probably on Wednesday.
Finally on Saturday we will go backto home. But before to return I hope that this second week will be incredible as the first one.
Will write again before we come home.
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