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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2011
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I got up on Monday, as a usual day. I had breakfast a glass of milk and cookies. Then I made my bed, I got dressed and after, I read the newspaper online. I had to do some shoppingand later, I went to the bank to pay the college taxes.

When I arrived to the bank, I rang the bell and they opened the door. There was a no ending queue with many people. They were talking aboutthe long waiting in the first days of each month, when many people go to the bank to take out money.

The wait seemed to go on forever and I thought to go out, but my telephone rang. It was mymother. She told me that she needed some money, because she had to pay the car breakdown and she had not enough money at home. For this reason, I decided to wait more time until it was my turn.

Suddenly,I heard voices saying, ‘It is a robbery. Put your telephones on the floor’. I felt frightened. I did not know what I had to do.

I saw four robbers carrying guns on their hands. I was terrifiedwhen one of the robbers put his gun on bank manager’s head. I thought that he was going to die, and what is more, I was going to die too. They forced us to sit down.

In that moment, I only thought inmy family, over all in my mother, who was waiting me at home. Probably, she was feeling nervous because I was later and the garage was going to close.

While I was sitting down, I could see a youngmother with a baby, an old people who probably had collected his retirement pension, a young employee who felt anxious too. I said myself to be in calm. In the same way, I could save my life if I didnot provoke the robbers.

The robbers demand to the director to give them the money from the strongbox. He advised them that the opening of the strongbox was connected to the Police Station.Despite of that, robbers forced him to do what they had required.

As a consequence, police came to the bank in less than two minutes. Robbers were very excited, and they began to make a threat to kill...
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