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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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Nowadays there are a lot of zoos around (all over) the world and, although they have some good things, I’m against zoos for several reasonsthat I’ll try to explain in the next paragraphs.
First of all, in my opinion, animals have to be free. It’s very simple, would you like tolive in a cage? I guess that your answer is no. Animals cannot talk and tell us how they feel about living in a very small space withoutfreedom.
Secondly, I think that (that it) is very difficult to reproduce the natural biome of the different animals. In the zoos there a lot ofkinds of animals which come from a lot of different places around the world. There are lions from Africa, elephants from Asia, penguins fromthe Antarctic… and they all live in the same city, with the same weather! This is crazy! Besides, the space is very limited, the animalshave to live in a few meters and also ( “and” solamente podria estar bien ) they can’t hunt or emigrate.
Thirdly, there are a lot of peoplewho visit zoos and don’t respect the animals. They do (take) photos with flash, they feed the animals, throw away things into the cages… Ithink that this poor creatures have to be (must be) very scared and sad.
In conclusion, I think that zoos are very cruel because it’simpossible to reproduce the necessary conditions for life of the animals (“for animal life” might be better) in small spaces in the middle of a city.
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