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  • Publicado : 9 de enero de 2012
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Do the media manipulate the information?

In the last few dacades the media has become the principal source of information.
Firstly appeared the newspapers, then the radio and some years later thetelevision. Nowadays one of the most important sources is the internet. In the internet we can find the digital newspapers, but we also can find the citizens journalism that it is spread by thesocial networks. But there aren’t only the news, if you surf the net you can find a lot of different information about all the things you need. But knowing all this, we have to be caoutious and we need toask if the media manipulate the information.

It is true that everything we get about the present becomes from the media, so how can the media manipulate the information? If this statement is truethen we are manipulated too, our minds and our way of thinking is being manipulated because of the media.

Many people think that the media only explanes the truth, the reality about what ishappening at the moment. They defend the information because it is vital to have culture and to understand what is happening. Obviously all these things are important, you must have some knowledge about thepresent to be in contact with the society, because if not, you can be lost. You have to know information and then you will be able to make decisions about it and about what is around you.

On theother hand, even the media informs about the important things, It does that with make-up. The media has to get the attention of the readers, viewers and audience, and that only can happen if the mediatransform a normal piece of news in a very important and trascendental piece of news. When there is something new the media centralizes in all the aspects in that topic, and when another different thingarise, then the priorities change and the most important is the new thing that has arised recently even the other piece of news were a war that is still happening.

It is easy to think that the...
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