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Imagine you are on vacation. Send a letter to your friend about your experiences there-
* Places you have visited
* Food
* Hardicrafts (who created them, why they are popular)* Period of time you have been there
* People with you
* How you traveled
* 3 good experiences there (explain the experience and why you did that)
* Things you did last week
*Talk about weather, clothes you wear
* 3 things you would like to do there and why

Dear Damaris
I have many things to tell you
I am writing to tell you that I am on holiday in populated as itwas the first state where to stop. Come here to visit the Cathedral, the university where I study my mom, and if this big fence, go to a place where they ate my uncles and their famous tacos arabes,in Mexico there is of them. Here I could buy the crazy’s that I like and tastes like sweet potatoes, if you are rich.

Here I found in a village called Herrera Tecali stone handicrafts, also sellmuch that is zarapes clothing, ponchos and it's all cotton, very nice. I am created by the people of this town and are very popular because everyone is on clothes made of cotton and are very good likethe famous mole of Puebla.

I came to town from May 5 because it is the birthday of my dad and I once come to visit his cousins and the way we walk here visiting the beautiful city of Puebla.

Wecome to populate my parents, my two brothers and me friend here we are running all the places we visited my parents while studying in this city and the house where they were staying, which is nice ifall of this.

I remember when we reached the village of San Miguel all the people was very cute as well and treated us very politely, humble but very good people, what pleased me was that there was aparty and people give lots of food and lots of drinks and everyone is very kind, I really liked was that there about my uncle's house is a small kiosk and there is a clock every day at 8 am playing...
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