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  • Publicado : 20 de noviembre de 2010
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Writing News Stories
Story 1: Chicken truck causes multi-car accident
Yesterday at about 6 in the evening, an eleven car pile-up happened on McFarlandBlvd., after a semi-truck carrying chickens made an illegal left turn causing a multi-car accident where 25 people got hurt, including the truck driver, accordingto Sergeant John Jones.
The truck driver was transported to DCH by an ambulance where he was treated for some minor bruises and a possible broken ankle. A 63year old women and retired local kindergarten teacher was also hurt while she was riding in the car driven by her nephew and was taken to the hospital as well.Clarence Di Motta, the hospital spokesperson reports that the driver is in good condition and that the retired teacher had only a slight concussion and is alsoin good condition. The only other injuries to the 23 others in the cars were minor bruises.
The chickens, police said, may be as many as 300 that alsosuffered. “At least 30 are dead, many others trapped in the truck, and several, as many as 40, remain at large.” Jones said. “It was the biggest pile-up I’ve everseen. Lots and lots of smashed bumpers but the worst part was the screams of the chickens. Those things sure do make a lot of noise, you know.” Jones added. Thechicken company pres. Carlton Fitzsimmons reports the dead and missing chickens are worth 700 dollars. “The missing animals are the property of the chickencompany, Alabama Poultry, Inc., and should be returned if found”, Jones stresses. The farm holds about 20,000 supply eggs to IGA stores across the south.