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  • Publicado : 30 de enero de 2011
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Write about your experience on the Translator’s Day
September 30th is the International Translator’s Day, this celebration coincides with the San Jeronimo’s Day, the Bible translator whois considered as the patron saint of translators;
We celebrated this day in the school with some conferences; honestly, the first one wasn’t very interesting for me because the two teachers in chargein this topic were talking about judicial translations and I’m not interested in this kind of job.
I consider that the second and third conferences were better than the first one because we knewmore about the challenges and achievements of working as translator.
Sometimes I have felt that I’m in the wrong career or that I don’t have vocation to translate; at the same time I have felt a littleworried because some friends say me that I won’t have any opportunities of job and that anyone can translate because it’s “very easy” if you have the enough knowledge about the topic, but it’s nottrue. I still remember when I noticed to my parents the career I choose to study and they said “Does that career exist?” and I said “yes, of course!”. At the beginning they weren’t sure about mydecision, but they understood that translate is something that I like and they gave me all their support.
With the conferences I attended, all these negative thoughts changed because the teachers told usimportant and useful information, like the diversity of jobs or the skills that we’ll develop in all the career and I said “wow, I didn’t know how interesting and awesome is my career, I love it”. Also,one of them said something that called my attention and it was: “you aren’t translation’s students, you are translators!”. I liked so much this phrase and I think he said that with the purpose ofmake a change in our minds and not only pass the subjects with 70.
At the end of the celebration we had an aperitive and we played bingo, it was great. I learned a lot of things with this event and...
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