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In the first place, this crisis is affecting a all the world. I think a crisis is quite, because a more people everyday pass for an unpleasant situation.
In fact there are cases in Spain where womenhad suicide for fault a crisis. Nevertheless in tv this crisis do not appear ike what it is.
Gobernment rather than spends in war, it could spend money in helping families pass a bad situation.Spanish people would be grateful for it.
For instance gobernment could create more centres welcome for need people.

In the first place, I think thiscrip is not dangerous. This crip is similar a the crip spaniard.
Secondly, I think tv wants frighten us. This crip is infect over the air. If you realize quick, you do not have any problems. InSpain in this moment there are hundred cases confirming. In word there are more or less there hundred cases.
In addition can have more cases it does hot know. However, you shouldn’t stop travelling forthis crip, you also have a little to precaution.
In fact there are more cases in Spain Than in New York.
The new manager stayed three moths inEngland.
* Where did the new manager stay three months?
The e-mail warred about terrible viruses.
* What did the e-mail warn?
Many adults are reading harry Poter’s boos.
* Whose books aremany adults reading?
The astronauts are giving the journalist a lot of information.
* What are the astronauts giving the journalist.
This dictionary costs fifty dollars.
* How much is thisdictionary?
Peter lives in Moscu.
* Where Peter live?
I have bought half a kilo of butter.
* What have I bought?
Lucy is going to come tomorrow.
* When is Lucy going to come?
They havelived here for four years.
* How long have they lived here?
July has got fifty Cds.
* How many Cds has July got?
This car is yours.
* Whose car us it?
The coast is six miles.
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