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Guillem Olmo Moreno 2n Batx-J
FOR AND AGAINST ESSAY: TIC in the classroom
Some years ago the use of computers has been introduced in the classrooms of grade school. It's notable the facility ofthe children for using these resources. But, are these resources useful for the education?
On the one hand, a great part of the teachers, more than 50% do not feel capable introducing thesetechnological resources in their subject because they don’t know how to develop and evaluate works that have been done with these new technological resources. This it is the main reason why they don’t usethe TIC (Tecnologia I Comunicació) in the classrooms. Moreover many teachers don’t consider these resources useful for their subject.
On the other hand, the children prefer learning a subject by meansof interactive activities instead of the typical boring book. Furthermore one of every three teachers does feel capable of introducing these resources like a tool to improve their explanations whilethe students learn how to use them.
In conclusion, I believe that if we want these resources to result useful for the students, the teachers should introduce multimedia activities, the use ofinternet, or working in computers in their sessions.

NARRATIVE:One night in Florida 135
After an amazing night in a well-known disco on Fraga. We decided to get off florida and go to lleida. In the middleof the trip we make a break to phone my mother, when we saw a lights behind us, Then I lit the motor and I began to run fast because I thought that could strike me. Those lights resulted to be of acar of Guardia Civil which began to follow us.
That road continued in a roundabout and was directed to the road, after 2 returns to the roundabout of pursuit, they lit the lights and I saw that wasthe police. In the freeway they intercepted us, they told that we left of the vehicle and put the hands on the hood of the car. Subsequently they began to register the car to determine the motive of...
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