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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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Daniel Jácome, Christiam Núñez, José Montalvo, Cristiam Santiana, John Vera, Luis Zabala. Student Electronic Engineering, Control and Industrial Networking. ESPOCH

The following article proposed two independent processes and remote from each other, the first isto control and monitor the internal temperature of a chicken shed using LM35 sensors and the opening of the roof using a DC motor as an actuator to control the temperature, Moreover there exists internal lighting to control the breeding cycle of birds. The other process is the monitoring and control of humidity and temperature of a greenhouse tomato kidney, controlling these parameters using afan to remove excess heat and an irrigation system to control humidity.
Both processes send their signals through data acquisition card NI ELVIS available to the School of Electrical Engineering and as the user interface using LabView 2009, which must monitor and control both the process connected directly as the remote process, using as a transmission a radio link.
For the chicken shed we willhave 2 temperature sensors distributed in a way we can get an average temperature. And to control greenhouse temperature using 4 LM35 temperature sensors arranged to have an average temperature and two humidity sensors to control the relative humidity.
In regard to communication via radio link distance at which communication will be established has been taken from the backyard of the School ofElectronic Engineering to the building of the power electronics on the front of the School of Engineering Automotive, attempting to have line of sight needed to link the remote sites.

Radiolink .- A radio link is the set of transmitting and receiving equipment needed for sending a radio signal from one to another node or hub of a network.
Fresnel zone .- Fresnel zone is called thevolume of space between the emitter of an electromagnetic wave, acoustic, etc., and a receiver, so that the gap of the waves in this volume does not exceed 180°.
NIElvis .- Elvis is a collaborative design and prototyping based on LabVIEW for laboratories in colleges of engineering and science in general.

Principio del formulario
Today, companies across many industrial processestherefore need to control all the same processes that are performed through industrial networks, one way to communicate between processes is the use of radio links the same as used today is more often to join or establish communication between two points of difficult access, This communication is done via a point to point communication via two antennas with line of sight. To establish propercommunication must perform this calculation the same radio link that will allow us to see if it is feasible to establish communication between the two points
Design parameters:
The complete system consists of three parts:
Principio del formulario
1st part .- consists of a greenhouse in which you want to control temperature and humidity ranges through and a fan that operates at a voltageof 12VDC and a submersible pump whose operating voltage is 110VAC.
Sensory devices used to control these parameters are: the LM35 temperature sensor and humidity sensor HU-10S, linear sensors which give us an analog voltage proportional to the measured quantity. The estimated ranges for the control are: for the temperature inside the greenhouse has been considered a range of 18 °C to 24 °C and arelative humidity of 60% in relation to the environment, because these ranges are optimal for growing tomatoes kidney. A linear potentiometer is used to control the water level in the reservoir to protect a submersible pump cavitation by his work-load

2nd part .- consists of a chicken shed in which you want to control the internal temperature and breeding cycle of birds using a 12 VDC...
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