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Dedication Pag. 1
Introduction Pag. 2 - 3
Definition Of Internet Pag. 3 - 4
Definition Of World Wide Web Pag. 4 – 5
WWW Prefix Pag. 6 - 7
Evolution of the WWW Pag. 7 - 13
Web 1.0 Pag. 7 – 8
Web 2.0 Pag. 8 – 11
Wiki Pag. 12
Web 3.0 Pag. 13
Conclusions Pag. 14

First, I thank God for the energy andforces that has given me to complete this report. In addition to my family who has been slaughtered in place to work I had to make and support they always get them. Thank you also for teachers who plant another crop, you have shown to actually have the vocation to teach and do what a good teacher does, go the extra mile. Thanks for all your management so that I may be presenting this paper today.INTRODUCTION
Internet is one of the words most recently named by those approaching technology or computer science. Internet brings a large set of denotations and connotations, according to user groups, and services changing and evolving. With over 200 million users worldwide, the Internet has become the most widespread means of communication in the history of mankind.
Is a source of information andknowledge sharing worldwide. It is also the communication channel that allows for cooperation and collaboration between many communities and interest groups on specific topics, distributed throughout the world.
You can find all sorts of software for a wide variety of computers and operating systems, please consult the catalogs of libraries in the world, access databases with the most diverse andtransfer copies of the documents found, you can view Copying Images and photographs of any kind or reproductions of paintings, can be things like real-time chat two people separated by thousands of miles away, can communicate through Internet by typing on the computer.
How will interconnection network "Internet is changing traditional patterns of doing things?, Is one of the questions thisresearch seeks to address where they cover the following topics:
How Internet is changing how we communicate (messaging) in electronic form, leaving behind the use of means such as fax and phone.
The form of advertising as an electronic competition.
The great changes that arise in business or businesses with the advent of Internet, since they are all looking to be more profitable and competitivealmenor cost.
Education with new patterns of teaching (classrooms, libraries and bookstores) with opportunities for further studies.
The wide variety of services to which you can apply this tool.

1. Definition of Internet
Internet is a group of networks of communication that use the protocol TCP/IP, the protocol TCP/IP warrants that the varieties of physical networks work as a single logicalnetwork.
The origin of the Internet goes back at least to 1969, when the first connection of computers known as ARPANET was established between 3 Universities in California and 1 in Utah, United States.
Internet has mostly impact in the work; leisure and the way of get the information around the world.
Thanks to the Internet, thousands of people can access to the information immediately,download music, films, games, etc.
Internet is the most important tool. Nowadays, we can surf on internet to find mew friends, information, send e-mails, sharing files, etc.
Comparing the traditional encyclopedias and libraries with Internet, it is a revolution.
There are other services on internet such as e-mail, FTP, chats, VoIP, games online, etc.
The most successful service on Internet is “TheWWW”. The people often confuse the WWW with Internet, but they aren´t the same, The WWW uses Internet like a way of transmission of data.

2. What does”WWW” mean?
www = “World Wide Web", “the network" or simply "The Web", as is commonly known, is basically a media text, graphics and other multimedia objects over the Internet, that is, the web is a hypertext system that uses Internet as its...
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