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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2010
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Social networks(nets), virtual relations

Are great the users who use them, including political personalities, of the world of the culture and the spectacle. His(her,your) influence - positiveand negative - grows exponencialmente. For some time the social networks(nets) turned into one more environment where to relate, diminishing, or replacing in occasions the natural act of beingsocialized since(as) always it has been done, not being necessary the spatial coincidence not temporarily between(among) the participants. This type of supports encourage the interaction between(among)persons of the whole world, allowing to share photos, videoes, commentaries and what is done in every moment. It(he,she) undressed this way the face-to-face contact, and was endowed to the friendship of animpersonal, virtual, fictitious and, way especially, commode of being born, growing and to be kept. These social networks(nets) that sustain digital affections can turn(become) an arma de doble filo,offering advantages but also disadvantages.
The autocracy of the virtual socialization

If about success it(he,she) treats itself(himself,herself), Facebook takes the cat tohimself(herself,itself) to the water, is the queen of all the platforms of this style. The narrow studding of this network(net), it(he,she) has managed to catch more than 250 million users in the immense seaof Internet, number that grows considerably every minute. The studies say that a user type of Facebook dedicates to his(her,your) account(bill) an average 4 hours and 40 minutes, time in whichit(he,she) might have stayed personally with his(her,your) contacts, to have read 95 pages of a book or to have done a dinner for all his(her,your) friends. Nevertheless, the creators of this revolution insummit do not believe that " they prevent the physical or personal contact " but, " simply they propitiate(cause) the communication, since it was happening already in the epoch of the chat ", since...
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