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1.1.14a Configuring NAT Cover Sheet

I. Decide Upon Audience (classroom learning environment, or “activity system”, how does this activity fit? What priorknowledge does it assume? Is this a whole class activity, small group activity, competitive-team activity, or individual activity?)

1.1.14a Configuring NAT isenvisioned as a CCNA 4, module 1 lab for individual students. Since most academies may have limited hubs and routers, this activity is ideal so that all students can buildthis simple network without a Lab partner.

II. Decide Upon Topic (semester, module, TI; claims, evidence, task)

CCNA 4, Module 1, TI 1.1.4

III. DecideUpon Design Pattern (modeling/inquiry concept-building problem OR pre/post lab, configuration, skill building problem OR design problem OR troubleshooting problem ORcombination)

The design pattern here is skill building – it is not a modeling question, not a design problem, and not a troubleshooting problem, but a step by stepattempt to get students to thoughtfully set up hosts, hubs and routers.

IV. Decide Upon Type of Assignment (from scratch, pre-existing .pkt, .pka, multi-step) and Typeof Guidance (none, built-in, accompanying lab handout, or .swf tutorial); from 1 .pkt you could have various .pka based on it

Configuring NAT.pka is required.V. Author Activity Files (.pkt, .pka, .doc, .gif)

All files are included.
Configuring NAT.pka
Configuring NAT startup.pkt
Configuring NATfinal.pkt
Configuring NATLabHandout.doc
Configuring NATSolution.doc
Configuring NAT CoverSheet.doc

VI. Test and Edit

Files have been tested.
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