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JavaServer Pages™ (JSP™) v1.2 Syntax Reference

Hidden Comment Declaration Expression Scriptlet Include Directive Page Directive Taglib Directive

Defines standard elements and namespaceattributes of tag libraries. Documents the JSP page but is not inserted into the response. Declares a variable or method valid in the scripting language used in the page. Contains an expression valid inthe scripting language used in the page. Contains a code fragment valid in the scripting language used in the page. Encloses template data. Includes a resource of text or code when the JSP page istranslated. Defines attributes that apply to an entire JSP page. Defines a tag library and prefix for the custom tags used in the JSP page. Forwards a request to an HTML file, JSP page, or servlet.Inserts the value of a bean property into the response. Includes a static resource or the result from another web component Causes the execution of an applet or bean. The applet or bean executes in thespecified plugin. If the plugin is not available, the client displays a dialog to initiate the download of the plugin software. Sets a bean property value or values. Instantiates or references a beanwith a specific name and scope.


All tags are case sensitive. A pair of single quotes is equivalent to a pair of double quotes. Spaces are not allowed between an equals sign and anattribute value. The elements in a JSP page can be expressed in JSP syntax or XML syntax. The following rules apply:
s s s

JSP and XML syntax cannot be mixed within a page. A page in one syntaxcan include or forward to a page in the other syntax. Some elements have attributes whose value can be computed at request time. In JSP syntax, the format of a value is the same as a JSP expression: .In XML syntax, the format of the value is %= expression %.

Quoting Conventions
The following outlines quoting conventions for JSP pages expressed in JSP syntax.

Scripting Elements

%> by...
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