Reflection on fried and tomlinson readings

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Reflection on Fried and Tomlinson readings
For this week I have to reflect on two readings. Passionate Teaching by Fried and The differentiated classroom: responding to the needs of all learners byTomlinson. Both of these readings help student teacher to think on how to operate a classroom. So far all the readings emphasize that all teachers need to know their students. We have to take thetime to talk to them and listen to what they like and how their lives are outside the classroom. Once we know the students we can begin the academic teaching process. Teachers need to be flexible withthe students and take time used to learn things from the curriculum to let them express what is on their minds. The job of a teacher is not only to teach math or science to help the students to reachtheir goals in life. We have to convince them that their goals matter, that they can be successful in life if they work hard. A successful teacher is confident about him/her self and is open to learnfrom the students.
The reading by Fried talks about the teacher’s passion. Passionate teachers are the ones that make a difference in their students’ lives. A passionate teacher is the one who caresabout his/her students and whose class are so fun that time goes really fast. We need to “connect to our students’ minds and spirits in a way that can have lasting positive impact on their lives”.According to Fried, passionate teachers are those who are in a classroom because they love kids, because they love learning, because they wanted to change the world. The problem is when the teacher comesinto the classroom with high expectations and they hit a wall because, they get frustrates if they are not allowed to teach the way they like it or because the students lack passion and motivation tolearn. According Fried a passionate teacher is not necessarily an expert at a subject, but the one who invites the students to search for knowledge and experiences. Through invitation students are...
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