Reflection paper - theology

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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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THRS 203

First Reflection Paper

1. What/who is "God"?

“My parents and most family members referred to God as the creator of all things”

This helped me develop my own interpretation ofwhat God is all about. I believe that God is our greatest mentor, who created life, assigned us an initial path to start our lives, and provides us with guidance to accomplish our mission in life.Many of these believes are questioned in different stages of our lives considering the way we seek for God, and the way that we thank him. Some of the institutes that promote Jesus life (whom I believeis the only God) have different techniques to thank or ask God for different petitions which are often represented with financial compensations.

2. What is "religion"?

Religion is the base ofour lives that defines our truth and why we are here in this world as I learned through many family members.

I also believe that religion is defined as the vision that have in terms of existence thatis linked to our hearts. Since we often question why we are here in this world and what is our major goal in life in terms what we leave behind for friends, family, and our communities.

I havealso heard people refer about religion as a common belief or understanding of what God expects from us. This is also supported by truths as evidence to validate what is said to be representative from thereligion.

3. What is the Bible?

The bible is a written compilation of stories expressed by the people in towns where Jesus Christ blessed people with several miracles, with information aboutthe Corinthians, as well as representations of the suffering that Jesus went through while trying to express the reasons of why he was there. I learned this in church, and through stories that I heardthrough family and friends.

I believe that there are different bibles for different religions and some of them are closely related. However, not every religion has a bible or a written guide of...
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