Reflective paper about lesson planning

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2012
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Lesson planning is like a skill teachers need to develop and improve. When we are able to create our own lesson plans, it meansthat we have the ability to manage the content we teach and the methods we use, and of course its evaluation. Acquiring this skill is not easy it takes thinking, time and practice, but it is askill that will help us as teachers to develop and take our creativity to the maximum. Once I read the following and I thought that we can perfectly relate it to lesson planning, “Knowing howto, is far more important than knowing about”.

In the reading the author mentions, one of the most important aspects of a lesson plan that is the format, each step has to be done accordingto what we are looking to achieve in our students. Teachers need to look at how to the lesson holds together as a whole, we need to pay attention to the variety, sequencing, pacing and timing.During this course we have been working in lesson plans, before I used to plan my lessons in a different way, this class and the texts we have reading helped me to improve the way ofdoing my lesson plans, the order is better and my classes are better in timing, content, activities, and so on. Teachers create lesson plans to communicate their instructional activities,almost all lesson plans done by teachers contain student learning objectives, procedure, the required materials, and some written description of how the students will be evaluated. It is knownthat new teachers, usually find detailed lesson plans to be indispensable.

Once we have improve our way of creating our lesson plans, our classes will be successful, as teachers constantly weshould look for new ideas to become better. Definitely as teachers we must know how to design a lesson plan, working on goals and objectives we want to reach according to our students needs.
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