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Live Sound Fundamentals
Bill Evans
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To Randy Holland, who knows nothing about audio but who taught me that—be it knowledge or goodwill —the only way to keep it is to pass it along.

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There is a reason why some of us have a tendency to just say, ‘‘Thanks, everyone’’ instead of naming names. It’s because we are like that guy at the Oscars a few years ago who forgot to thank hiswife. It is telling that we all remember the incident but not so much the person involved. Anyway, if I thanked everyone who deserves it, the Acknowledgments would be a book all by themselves. So, here goes nothin’. Friends and band mates who were along in early parts of the audio journey, including Mike Krupka, Mark Lewis, Josh Lober, Julie Prince, Mark Peotter, and Jake Kelly. To everyone at St.Therese Parish in Alhambra, California, who trusted that I actually had a clue what I was doing on my first audio gigs. To the pros who are willing enough to teach that they actually take my calls, including Dave Shadoan, Big Mick Hughes, Paul Owen, John Cooper, Buford Jones, Tom Young, Dirk Durham, Dave Rat, Bill Chrysler, Bob Heil, Brian Hendry, David Morgan, and Mark Dennis. To my ‘‘team,’’most of whom I have had the pleasure of working with at GIG, FOH, and L2P: Baker Lee, Steve LaCerra, Jamie Rio, David Farinella, and the late Mark Amundson, who I still miss all the time. And to Terry Lowe, Bob Lindquist, and Paul Gallo for paying me to do it. To Mitch Gallagher, who recommended me to write this book in the first place. To the people who started out as ‘‘audio acquaintances’’ and...
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