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  • Publicado : 17 de noviembre de 2010
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Unfortunate Gifts
“Why do I have this problem?” Mary a young woman, no older than 35 years old, is crying in the middle of the street. She has in one hand a very rusty anddirty camera (an antique would be more appropriate), but she holds it with such force and passion you can tell that’s her most valuable possession. Many years ago when Mary was a young and beautiful ladyshe took pictures. The pictures were so amazing she won a Pulitzer Prize for the years photograph. She sometimes at night still remembers this times wishing she could have good pictures again, but howcould she with the old lens she has. Unfortunately Mary had many years of bad fortune and not one picture of hers was sold again.
“Mary I’m home” says a very low voice tired and stressed. Warrencomes in and sees his wife sitting quietly at the border of the bed. He puts his old portable typewriter down ands comforts her. “We are going to be alright,” he says. “How do you know?” Mary asks withthe energy she has from crying the whole day. “I just know” Warren says and goes to bed.
In the noisy streets stands Warren watching his old typewriter. It was a gift from his great grandfather whowas just like him a Pulitzer Prize winner. His typewriter was only thing of value he has. It has a gold and silver cover, but the keyboard ruins it, which is all rusty and in pieces. “Its Christmas eveand I need to get something for Mary, after all what else is Christmas about if not presents”. He goes to a nearby antique store and with his love for his wife and trust in her pictures he sells hisbeloved typewriter.
He goes back home with the best gift he could find with the money he got from the typewriter. A small lens is in the box he carries. It is the most sophisticated lens ever made.He enters the room and Mary for the first time in a long time is smiling. He is in shock and says the usual “Mary I’m home”. Only this time he gets an answer, a very unexpected answer. He takes out...
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