Reglas del ing en ingles

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Rules of the ING.

To describe things or situations.
* I was an exciting travel around the world.
* The movie is really interesting because it has a good thematic.
* He thinks that the homeworkis boring.
* My school is amazing, I really love it.
* My job is really tiring, I think that it can have a more funny things.
* Maria thinks that the mathematics is really frustrating because ithas a lot of problems.
* My favorite book is so surprising; it has a lot of situations!
* The love is so confusing, anyone can understand it.
* My coach said that the soccer game was pretty exciting.* It´s nice meeting friends after school.

When you start a sentence with an action.
* doing exercise is so funny; it can relaxed you very well.
* Reading is a really good habit and also it´s sofunny.
* Learning in mathematics is necessary, it´s fundamental to your life.
* working hard is bad for my health.
* playing videogames is fun.
* walking under the rain is so romantic and sad.
*Seeing movies with your best friends can makes that you have a good moment.
* Singing in your room is fun.
* making a good homework Can makes that you improve your notes.
* Writing when you feelbad can makes that you feel better when you end to do it.

Present and past progressive.
* He is studying because tomorrow he´ll has a test.
* The bird is flying; it looks so beautiful in thesky.
* We are talking in class and it is bad.
* I am not playing the piano, I don´t know how play it.
* It is not running; look well, it is walking.
* I was watching TV when she called.
* Last nightat 8 p.m I was eating dinner.
* I was studying while he was making the dinner.
* She was running in the park when the dog bitted the bone.
* You were studying in the classroom while he walking inthe street.

After prepositions.
* She is happy for going to the party.
* I watched an interesting movie in the TV.
* He walked away without looking back.
* You can't make an omelet without...
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