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La Casa de la Colina: Some and Guide Lines House Rules

There is a strict limit of 4 guests in this condo. Two bedrooms and two baths make it perfect to accommodate four adults maximum. The Property manager will not allow more than four guests, so please respect the house rules and do not bring in other guests to share the condo overnight. This is a non smoking unit, so please do notsmoke inside the building.
Children and pets are not allowed at any time. If you damage anything, please report it to PVRPV or the building management.

Common Area Pool:
The heated pool is located on level 2, just below this unit. The pool is open daily until 10:00 pm. If you use the pool later than 10:00 pm, please keep noise down as other residents may be sleeping with windows open, andappreciate not being disturbed.

All guest parking is on the street. The street is normally quite safe for walking. Please do not leave front gate open. Each owner and guest will have keys to let themselves in, and closed gates provide security for everyone.

Air Conditioning:
During high season, November thru May, it is unlikely that you will want or need air conditioning. When you do usethe Air conditioning, please remember that electricity is expensive in Mexico, and please conserve as much as possible by turning off AC units while you are out of the condo. The rooms cool down VERY Quickly when you turn them on, and using AC with windows open is very wasteful and expensive. Make yourselves comfortable, but please conserve electricity by turning off lights and AC when you areout of the building.
Thank you for your consideration.

The washer and dryer are here for your convenience and use. Please be aware that the washer is not a full size machine, and should not be overloaded. A single set of sheets from one bed is a full load. We have found that drying one bed sheet at a time for about 20 minutes will speed up the drying time, and reduce wrinkles in thelinens.

If you do your own personal laundry or towels, a full load is about 5 to 6 towels at one time. The lint filter will need to be emptied at least once midway through the drying period, as well as before and after use. This speeds drying time and efficiency also.

Maid Service:
Your rental includes maid service two days a week. Normally, Monday and Thursday. If you wish to requestmore cleaning days, you can arrange it through the building managers, Angel or Cheke, and you will need to pay them for any additional days you request..
A cook can also be arranged if you desire. Both managers can also direct you to reservations for Canopy rides, fishing trips, tours, and airport transportation.

Bath and Beach Towels:
We provide a generous supply of white guest bath towels,and 4 beach towels for your use if you did not bring your own. When towels are wet from use, PLEASE do no drape them over the patio railing or leather PATIO FURNITURE. This is against building rules to have towels or laundry hanging over railings, and very damaging to leather furniture. If you need to dry them, please use the clothes dryer instead.

Taxi service in Puerto Vallarta:
P.V. isdivided into taxi zones, with set rates for each zone. You are staying in Amapas, a taxi ride anywhere in the downtown area (Romantica) is $30. pesos. $50 pesos makes a perfect fare and tip within the downtown area. Most tourists are advised to determine the price BEFORE you get into a cab, but when you are traveling within this area, handing the driver $50 pesos as you exit the taxi lets himknow that YOU KNOW the correct price. Normally, he will simply say “Thank You.” If there are any issues, let him know that you know the correct price.

Kitchen Supplies:
The owners and recent guests will normally always leave you a minimally stocked pantry and possibly some food items in the refrigerator/freezer. Feel free to use the coffee and boxed milk until you have a chance to go...