Relacion entre el indice cintura cadera y la actividad fisica

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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2012
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In order to identify the level of obesity intra-abdominal of teachers and employees of the ESPOCH and relate it to their physical activity; evaluated index waist - hip (ICC), weeklyphysical activity carried out on a representative sample of 150 institutional servers, obtained on the basis of the process of sampling for qualitative variables in a stratified way. The non-experimentaldesign was used in a descriptive, transversal and prospective research. After the tabulation of data its analysis by means of measures of Central tendency, dispersion and correlation and linearregression using SPSS and Excel Software.V.18. The average age of the investigated group is 45 years, 68% of the population (± 1 S) records an age of 35 to 53 years for teaching boys and 35 at the age of 51for women teachers, reality that keeps employees, where men are older than women. 67.4% Of males have an ICC ≥ 1 and 76.7 per cent of teaching women presented an ICC ≥ 0.8, being the group mostaffected those teachers, both male and female who were among the 40 to 49 years of age. The majority of employed males (84.4%), have an ICC within the range of normal, reality that contrasts sharply withthe employed women where all of them are with values higher than (0.80.) Only male teachers shows a significant relationship (P≤0, 01) between age and the waist-hip index, which means that as itprogresses the age the ICC increase; not so in teaching women and employees both men as in women, the high or normal ICC occur at any age. The ICC is associated and depends on significantly (P≤0, 01) of thelevel of physical activity engaged teachers and employees of the ESPOCH, laying as is increased levels of physical activity, the indexes of waist/hip decrease and vice versa. The reported results isaccepted working hypothesis put forward in the present research that says that "teachers and employees of the ESPOCH that keeps low physical activity have high index of waist hip." Institutional...
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