Relative pronouns

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Relative Pronouns (Pronombres relativos)

when = cuando
while = mientras
Who= que
which= que
while se usa con el past continuous (pasado continuo o progresivo) y when con el past simple(pasado simple)
I was watching TV when my mom called me to dinner.
My mom was cooking while I was watching TV.
When I watched tv Jairo called me.
While I was doing my homework the childrenwere knocking at the door.

El while quiere decir mientras y el when se usa cuando estás haciendo algo y esa acción es interrumpida por otra.
En estas oraciones se usan el past continuous y elpast simple que es el que interrumpe a la acción primera, cuando usas when. Si pasan al mismo tiempo use while o when. Tenga en cuenta que when se usa antes del pasado simple y while antes del presenteprogresivo
A. Llene los espacios blanco con when while
1. I was watching TV _________ she called.

2. ________ the phone rang, she was writing a letter.
3. _________we were having the picnic, it started to rain. 4. What were you doing __________the earthquake started?
Turn the oven off.
Turn the oven off.
5. You were not listening to me ________ I told you to turn the oven off.
6. ___________ John was sleeping last night, someonestole his car.
7. Sammy was waiting for us ____________ we got off the plane.
8. __________ I was writing the email, the computer suddenly went off.

9. ____________ he wastalking on the phone, I was watching TV.

10. She was cancelling her flight ___________ we called her.

11. I was overtaking a truck __________ I heard a loud thump.

12. We were watchinga movie ___________ the screen went blank.
13. ________ he was packing the bags, I was looking for our passports.
14. We were complaining about the weather __________ the sun broke through...
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