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Construction Line | Thin lines that serve as guides while sketching or drawing. |
Depth | The distance from front to back. |
Documentation | 1. The documents that are required for something orthat give evidence or proof of something. 2. Drawings or printed information that contains instructions for assembling, installing, operating, and servicing. |
Edge | 1. The outside limit of anobject, a surface, or an area. 2. The line along which two surfaces of a solid meet. |
Ellipse | A regular oval shape, traced by a point moving in a plane so that the sum of its distances from two otherpoints is constant, or resulting when a cone is cut by an oblique plane which does not intersect the base. |
Freehand | Done manually without the aid of instruments such as rulers. |
Grid | Anetwork of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles. |
Height | The measurement of someone or something from head to foot or from base to top. |
Hidden Line | A line typethat represents an edge that is not directly visible, because it is behind or beneath another surface. |
Isometric Sketch | A form of pictorial sketch in which all three drawing axes form equalangles of 120 degrees with the plane of projection. |
Line | 1. A long thin mark on a surface. 2. A continuous extent of length, straight or curved, without breadth |
Line Conventions | Standardizationof lines used on technical drawings by line weight and style. |
Line Weight | The thickness of a line, characterized as thick or thin. Also called line width. |
Manufacture | To make something,especially on a large scale using machinery. |
Measurement | The process of using dimensions, quantity, or capacity by comparison with a standard in order to mark off, apportion, layout, or establishdimensions. |
Multiview Drawings | Views of an object projected onto two or more orthographic planes. |
Object Line | A heavy solid line used on a drawing to represent the outline of an object....
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