Relevant experiences with kids

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  • Publicado : 16 de diciembre de 2010
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Most of my experience with children has been with my two cousins. Their names are: Maximiliano and Talula, he is 7 and she is 9 years old. I used to playwith them all afternoon every weekend. They always came to our house to visit me and my mother. They really loved and enjoyed being with us.

One of thethings that they enjoyed most was when I started with the storytelling hour at bedtime. I loved their smiles, their patience and their eager ears whilefalling asleep especially because they tried to keep listening at me instead of falling asleep.

What always made me very happy was to see them bothlaughing because I consider that a pure and honest laugh of a kid is a gift from God.
I really love them both and I have learned a million of things from thembut I unfortunately didn’t had the fortune to have a brother nor a sister even though I always whished one, but I give thank God for the great experiencewith my cousins mentioned above.

I really love kids and I love and enjoy being with them. Children are fun and they have a kind of a never ending energythat is incredible. It’s also great to listen when they are singing songs or telling stories.

I also enjoy dressing up and combing the hair of thegirls.

I’m planning to have my own children in some years; it’s something that I know I will be more than happy when that time comes. For now, I will bevery happy working in summer camp;
I’m sure that the experience of working with and taking care of children will be very relevant and important in my life.
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