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  • Publicado : 18 de septiembre de 2010
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Religion has been a very influential aspect in our country; it has determined the direction of our history, our cultural and political development, but in spite of this, there is very fewresearch devoted to establish the importance of its influence in our nation. Well in this talk we will address the issue of the Catholic Church and the Colombian state. So, my question to you is, doyou think that there is a relationship between them or rather a division?
Firstly, we are going to concentrate on the condition of the religion in Colombia. Several years before, the church in ournation was absolutely powerful; all the social and political actions were taken in accordance with the priests. The president was a person just in charge of the public control; and all the importantdecisions were made with the approval of the church. If the clergy was unsatisfied, it could press the state in order to make changes in the politics. Overall, any president could criticize the religiousdecisions, since almost everything was controlled by it.
But, in June 1853, during the administration of José Maria Obando, the government decreed the separation of the church and state. It wasbecause of the challenges that the new world demanded and that the church with its ideologies couldn’t face. Challenges as the possible subversion of the armed forces, the excessive price of coffee and soon.

For the people that disagreed with this separation, it was the beginning of something uncertain, unknown, and full of privation for the church work, for them it was an imposition to end withthe influence of the religion over the state. But On the contrary, for people who agreed, this division gave full freedom to the church.

0n the other side, this self-reliance of the Colombian state,made that the government recovered the power ;The new political system showed at least some responsiveness to the changing demands and was accompanied by considerable economic success. This of...
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