Religion en las escuelas

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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2010
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The Constitution allows religion in schools, until certain extend. But this fact is not well known, since the Supreme Court has made seen public schools as “Religion Free-Zone”. It is often difficultfor school officials, to pass on judgment in the religions matters, since there not that well informed.
Government allows students to be religiously involved in school, students can pray on schoolbut they are not allowed to do it on a disruptive manner and when engaged on school activities. And they shouldn’t expect to have an audience or anyone joining them.
Teachers and schooladministrators, are expected to be unbiased and not to encourage or discourage any religious activity as a club.
Teaching art music and literature would be difficult, because religion had great influence on thoseaspects, it is permitted to teach objectively about the role of religion in the history of the United States.
Students may expressed their religion, on reports, homework or any kind of assignmentand the teacher may not reject the work just simply because it is religiously biased, and also the teachers may not ask for projects that have to include a religious view on their assignment.
And whenon an open discussion of the student uses religions points of view to assure their point an example is the subject on abortion, and a student saying that it is illegal because God says it is wrong,the teacher should not ridicule it, it should simply silence the student’s religious based comment in favor of choice.
Students do have the right to speak about their religion and persuade theirpeers, on religious topics, but once the student is asked to stop talking about religion, and doesn’t listen, it turns in religious harassment it can be aimed to a particular small group or person.Schools are also responsible of excuse any student that has a problem with a class that deals with a religious matter.

The First Amendment gives us the right of freedom of religion, but to this...
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