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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2010
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The Reader

The reader is a very interesting, intelligent and sensitive movie. It’s full of emotions, thinking and drama. It makes you get a cerebral experience. It first shows the Nazifunctionaries who were supposed to be doing their jobs and then the other people, the second generation who had to decide how to judge the past generation, based on facts, scripts, experience, stories,witnesses and time.

The fact that Hanna, this 30 year old woman having a relationship with Michael, this teenager; this shows the link between generations. I think it would have been betterif we could have seen more of the inside of Hanna’s character, because we always see her life from the outside. One of the parts is when she says to the jury something like the dead are dead so whywould it matter what I think. It’s like it shows her future is up to others, the next generation and that she can’t anticipate the future nor faces the past.

This movie basically shows the factthat there were a lot of people in this past era who ‘’didn’t have the chance to decide” whether go against authority or not, It shows that they were all so well brain-washed and controlled thatthe actions of many were up to few.

I think people in power had so much authority and power that it made people think they just can’t deny to obey or not to do what they are asked to do. Itslike they did all
these kind of things , almost always (bad ones), ones against their instincts or things that are just not considered as a normal behaviour from a human being just thinkingthat what they are doing is good and is for the nations good even though it sometimes required death.

We can clearly see this in the part that Hanna and some other guards left hundreds ofprisoners inside the church, knowing they were burning,
The thing we can clearly understand out of this is that people who are told by a person who seems to know what they are doing are more likely to...
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