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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2011
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Two non religious symbols in our culture: one non religious symbol is the “HIV” symbol because we identify as a fight against this disease and it has been used here in our country since a long time ago. It consists of a ribbon with a defined shape. We could say a lot of symbols, but another easy to interpret is the “Staff of Aesculapius”, or best known as the “medicine symbol”. Itconsists of a cane surrounded by snakes and with a pair of wings at the top.
Two religious symbols in our culture: one religious symbol in our culture is the “crown of thorns” that was used by Christ and it makes us remember all the suffering of Jesus and his passion. The most common symbol of Catholicism is the “cross” that represents the death of Jesus, and it is the most representative symbol ofour religion, in my opinion.
Everyone understands the true meaning: I think that all people know the true meaning of the non religious symbols because they are kind of easy to interpret. However, some people do not know the origins of these symbols. On the other hand, I think that there is no absolute share of the true meaning of the catholic symbols because some people do not know the story ofCatholicism, but most of all really knows what the crown and the cross mean, yet not everybody understands. Also, there are many kinds of Christianism, including Catholicism, so there are people of every kind of Christianity in our culture that has its own interpretation of the religious symbols.
Critical rituals: in Mexico we have some rituals; for example, when kids are “baptized” theyare unchained from the original sin, so now they are part of the religion. Also, the “first communion” marks when the boy or girl is ready to receive Jesus Christ in the form of bread and wine.
Periodic rituals: in Mexico we commemorate Christmas and the Virgin’s day, they can be considered ad periodic rituals because they are commemorate year by year. In Christmas we commemorate the birth ofChrist, and on the day of the Virgin we celebrate the mother of Jesus Christ.
In religions: one periodic ritual in Judaism is the Passover that commemorates the Exodus. In Buddhism we have the “Daily Cycle ritual” that consists that the first and lasts acts of the day must be devotion. In Islamism we have “the Ramadan” which consists in a month where all Muslims should fast. In Hinduism we havethe festival of lights, which commemorates the victory of good over evil.

Four myths in my religion: one myth in Catholicism is the story of Adam and Eve, and the explanation of why evil exists (all the story of the apple, Satan, and non-obedience to god). Another myth could be the same Jesus Christ, because we don’t have true facts about his existence and his divinity. One third myth,continuing with Christ, is when he walked on the water because, again, a book says it, but we do not know If that story is modified. A four myth could be when Jesus took back to life Lazaro; again, there is no confirmed fact about this.
Four myths in my country: one myth that could have affected in the development of Mexico and his culture is the story of the “Niños Heroes”, specifically JuanEscutia, we don’t know if he fell down because of his patriotism or if he just fell down. Another myth is “La Malinche” because maybe if she didn’t exist Mexico would have never been conquered by Cortés. One third myth is the existence of “El Pípila” and his role on the independence due to the fact that there is no evidence about him. Also, “Santa Anna” was in the power of Mexico because he was aremarkable soldier and he was there with all people’s approval. So, why we keep saying he was like a cancer for Mexico if he was there because of the people in that era? He didn’t do a good job in the power, according to history.

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We were born in a society that already had rules and rights established. In the same way, most of the people in this society belong to a religion. In this...
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