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The publicity used to half not be a so grateful worldwide the technology existed
since hardly when we were small the technology varied a lot in the case of our
parents grandparents and previous generations a lot this was not observed
the publicity in television can be a half effective one to promote its company or its
products in the commercial ones or product of theplacements. This page is
explained how the work and the announcements of TV what should consider
before making a decision.
the publicity is used for commercial in which a product is either promoted of beauty
until some useful tool at home as tablespoons pans knives etc

another great tool of the publicity in television is a form of great sale with her it is
but easy the sale of products.The publicity in colombia one of the main tools of commercial use has not become
alone in colombia also in the whole world

The television publicity is all type of persuasive communication whose end is to
promote a well, service or he/she devises and that it has been conceived to be
emitted by television. This publicity is considered of the type above the line, for the
means in the onethat spreads.


This work wanted to make it for the note if not that it motivates me to learn on this
topic the publicity it is something very important many interesting things single
topics bored are observed since Not in these we find styles in fashion products for
your comfort and it isinteresting to know and to know but like they are carried out
its transformation how many time it is taken of time to make a commercial one the
rules to continue.

the publicity is a Group of means and of actions that buyers and salespersons use
to get the attention about the products that offer or they are demanded, or to
increase the prestige of the companies. The publicity is an importantelement
inside an economy of having bought then it reflects the desire of the companies
offerers to attract buyers, allowing forms open of competition that, in turn, they give
the potential consumers the possibility to carry out elections with bigger knowledge
of the alternatives among those that choose.

thanks to all this publicity us the human beings sustain a food since this it is alsoa
half effective one of making money for this reason this topic he rises but it finds of
my knowledge to make the type of necessary investigation

today in day we can see and to hear the publicity everywhere, in last previous
decades we could not make this the publicity she goes increased every time that
we come closer before to the modernity we used to live ina parallel world where
lno was seen the publicity in the world big changes they have been seen to the the
time to pass before in the cinema didn't have him or maybe it existed but I don't eat
the it is now in 2d 3d when traveling in
the automobile can see the barriers of publicity and at the same time to listen in the radio
the topics related with the publicity and propagandas,when reading a newspaper or
the magazine meets with announcing the announcements, while we navigate for Internet
we observe the banners, warnings and until we can make the virtual visits of hotels, you,
manufacture, single cities with the purpose of selling us a product.

The publicity in the same way that the exercises of the social media an enormous oneinfluence subsequently in the man many times it is allowed to manipulate for the publicity
the means to acquire a product. The publicity possesses a powerful force of
the persuasion, the change of attitudes and behaviors in today's world.

To complete their purpose the publicity he/she deserves the pain
and nowadays the most one used it is the feminine...
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