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SOCIAL STUDIES UNIT V  RENAISSANCEApriL 7th 2011 PLEASE READ CAREFULLYTHE RENAISSANCE     The Renaissance was a time of rebirth. Europeans experienced a reawakeningof interest in the classics: government, literature, art, and thought. It was a time of experimentation. It was a time of religious upheaval. And it was a time of war.     The Renaissance was a timeof reawakening or rebirth. (That's what Renaissance means.) It was a time of reexamination of current values in the context of ancient times and peoples. Open the door to this exciting world!
Much ofthe activity during the Renaissance took place in Italy. Most of the important artists and thinkers lived there then.      Names like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo and Raphael make thislist. You can also find out about the styles they used and the other artists who painted, sculpted, designed, and built along with them.
      The way buildings were constructed changed as well duringthe Renaissance. Architects went back to classical times for their inspirations and used modern methods to create a whole new look in construction
It wasn't just visual art, either, that underwent afundamental change. Writing changed, too. Plays, poems, stories all showed a classical influence.       Read about the changes brought forth by Renaissance composers. Even the way they composed wasdifferent.Leonardo Da Vinci     Leonardo was one of the most influential men who ever lived. His ideas still inspire people today, and he was a giant of a man in his own time as well.Michelangelo
     Michelangelo was a very famous man. He was a great painter, a great sculptor, a great architect, and a great everything.              The following sites help you learn more about these great men.GO TOTHE FOLLOWING SITE, FOLLOW THE STEPS. Read the introduction.2. Click 'Enter the Site'.3. Read 'Many Aspects of Our World Today', then,4. Click...
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