Renewable energies

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Renewables energies

What is energy?

Energy is in everything. We use energy for everything we do, from skateboarding to baking cookies to sending astronauts into space. There are twokinds of energy; stored energy and working energy. For example, the food you eat contains chemical energy, and your body stores this energy until you use it when you move or think.

What arerenewable energies?

Fuels that can be easily made or renewed. We can never use up renewable fuels. Types of renewable fuels are hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass. Renewable energy sourcesprovide 7% of the energy used in the United States. Most renewable energy goes to producing electricity. Renewable energies don’t contaminate.

Biomass is organic material made from plants and animal.Biomass contains stored energy from the sun. Plants absorb the sun's energy in a process called photosynthesis. The chemical energy in plants gets passed on to animals and people that eat them.[pic]

The word geothermal comes from the Greek words geo (earth) and therme (heat). So, geothermal energy is heat from within the Earth. We can recover this heat as steam or hot water and use it toheat buildings or generate electricity.


The sun has produced energy for billions of years.  Solar energy is the sun’s rays that reach the Earth. This energy can be converted into otherforms of energy, such as heat and electricity.


Wind is simply air in motion. It is caused by the uneven heating of the Earth's surface by the sun. Because the Earth's surface is made of verydifferent types of land and water, it absorbs the sun's heat at different rates. One example of this uneven heating can be found in the daily wind cycle.


What are non-renewable energies?Fuels that cannot be easily made or renewed. We can use up non-renewable fuels. Oil, natural gas, and coal are non-renewable fuels. About 93% of the energy consumed in the United States comes from...
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