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Homework 1: The late 20th century MINELI GUEVARA LEÓN

Homework value: 5 pts


➢ Tounderstand some of the iconic events and actors of the second half of the 20th century.
➢ To link those events and actors with our current mentality.
➢ To make an efficient research aboutspecific topics and to synthesize your gathered information.


1. It is an individual homework.
2. You will search about:

a) Mahatma Gandhi:

• Who was he?He was a lawyer and a religious and politic leader who was born in India in 1869, who accomplished the independence of his country by spiritual methods. He also helped in many hospitals and tried tofight against poverty in communities.

• What was his importance?
He is considered now as a hero and also when he was alive many people followed him because he was really kind andspiritual. He promoted new war methods like not eating for a while; he rejected the wars with weapons. He was totally loyal to the spirituality even if it was against the government and laws.• Of what events he became figure?
He was the leader of a non-violent revolution in India to be independent from the British, and he decided not to give any salt to the Britishbecause India was a very important salt producer, which means the most important economic source for this country.

• What is his importance today?
He is seen as an idol because hecould win the war against one of the most important countries in the world, without using any kind of violence.

b) Martin Luther King Jr.:

• Who was he?
He was anAmerican clergyman and activist that was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1929, who developed a very important action in USA by defending the movement of the black people rights, and also protested against the...
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