Report from earth

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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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Hello ship T5-600 I am Kuzon-5T reporting from the planet called Earth, which to be in the galaxy number 5 named: Milky Way. Today is the fith year since you sent meto this planet to study its probability of life because of ours planet’s death. This planet is full of life and I think is the best option. I am hiding with the form of a “human” who are the mostinteresting creatures in this planet. An interesting fact of those creatures is that they know who created them. They know who is their creator, the same and unique God that created us.
When I came herethe humans were not so intelligent and they were uncivilized but they have grown up intelligently speaking. Now they have a lot of “technology” but not like us. One of our years is like a thousand forthem, and they do not live so much. They are of different color and races. They have hundreds of different languages. They are short and ugly but very “intelligent” and also have a huge potential. Ihave seen them create wars to get what they want or what they think is good or correct, I have seen them kill to them each other, because of little differences, but I have also seen a huge goodpotential in them. Some of them have sacrificed their lives for others. Others give all they have to protect other people lives. I think is a violent and a bloodthirsty being, but I believe that they havethe potential to change.
Until that day comes this planet will remain like now, full of innocent blood and badness. I believe this planet could be ready for us in a few more years. It is a pity thatour planet died, and now we have to look for news planets to receive us. Some of us are hiding in different planets using our ability to change our forms. Others are in our ships waiting for thereporters like me to inform about a planet ready to receive our people. Well I think the Earth planet is the best option we have, because of the life it contains in it. But for now is better for us to...
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