Report on lady macbeth

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  • Publicado : 22 de abril de 2010
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Report on Lady Macbeth

When I first saw Lady Macbeth she looked just like any other rich woman to me. But then I got to know her and let me tell you that she thought me notto judge a book by its cover.
She is a nice person, good looking, polite, and open minded. She is married, loves her husband and wishes the best for him.
Lady Macbeth seems alittle bit too ambitious. It looks as if she wanted things she couldn’t or shouldn’t have. This doesn’t look good to me because I feel as if she is willing to do anything sothat she can get what she wants.
I can see she is really interested in being queen. And she thinks some witches came and told her husband that he was going to be king so she isnow sure that she will become queen.
I am worried about how they both think they will get to be rulers of this country, and if they really get to, how they are going to use thatresponsibility!
I heard her talking about people who where in their way and how they need to get rid of them. She was so happy when we heard that the king was ill that I mightfill as if Macbeth and Lady Macbeth had something to do with this and if something happens I won’t doubt they did.
With what I have seen so far I can tell that Lady Macbethknows what she wants and she knows what to do to get it. She is not afraid of what may be the consequences of her acts or how big and wrong her acts may be.
She looks really inlove with her husband but sometimes she talks just as if he was her friend, not her lover. I am sure she would do anything for him and they really trust each other.
I don’tthink she will stand the idea of knowing she did something really bad so if she does something wrong I am sure she will be too sorry to live with it and may do even worst things.
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