Reportaje de los humanos derechos, peru, costa rica

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* Children
* Primary and secondary education supposed to be free but in practice lower-income families’ education materials were reduced
* Violence and sexual abuse SERIOUSproblems
* 1,768 cases of violence & sexual abuse children 5 or younger
* 4,216 cases abuse children ages 6-11
* problems often unreported- seen as family business* Women’s Emergency Program worked to help victims
* More than 1,300 advocates and protection agencies resolved complaints (physical, sexual, child support issues)
* Provincial/district government operated ½ , students, schools, churches, NGO’s operated ½
* Law students ran offices
* Law prohibiting child prostitution penalizes 12 yrs in prison
* Childsex tourism (Cusco, Iquitos)
* Involvement punishable 2-8yrs
* Statutory rape law- minor (younger than 14) 6-life in prison
* Child pornography- 4-8 yrs + fine
*Armed Combat
* Children involved especially in areas with drug trafficking and terrorism
* 2 human rights groups claim that 2 groups recruit children (shining Path,VRAE)* December, photographic proof, children ages 5-16, many armed
* Some children kidnapped from areas, some children of group members
* Country military= illegal for minors tojoin
* Reports of minors (misrepresented ages)
* Most vulnerable=poor areas, high risk death, injury
* Officials met with groups to discuss petition, results unclear* NGO’s states military not done enough
* Army commander, may 09 discharged 1,000 adolescents
* Law drafted to prevent children from serving, submitted to congress* Country a party to Hague Convention (civil aspects of international child abduction)
* Children
* Abuse remains problem
* 2009- 691 cases sexual abuse of minors...
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