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I. Stephenie Meyer, Twilight, New York, Hachette Book Group USA, October 2005.
II. Basic Story Elements
A. Setting
1. When and where does the story takes place.
The story takes place in our days (XXII century), in a little town called Forks.
2. How the setting is important to the overall story development
It is very important because the main topic of the book is about vampiresliving like us, and the have to live in a cloudy and barely cold weather like Forks, where there isn’t sun at all.

B. Main characters
1. Short description of each character
Edward: He is a vampire, he has very pale skin, blond, he is 17 since 1918, he was saved from the Spanish fever. By Carlisle which is a vampire too, he lives like a normal family with more vampires. He suddenly falls in lovewith Bella.
Bella: He is a normal teenager, which is 17 and he lives with his dad because their parents are separated, he studied in the same school than Edward, and she fall in love with Edward.

C. Plot
The whole story Bella is narrating it; she first lives with her mother in Forks. , but her mother is married with a baseball player and they have to travel a lot, Bella decided to livewith her father in a little town.
She moved and she realized that it was quite different than he other city where she lived with her mother, it was very cloudy and cold every day.
She lived in a little house, and her dad is the police chief in Forks.
She started going to Forks High School, where they studied few students, and they all noticed that Bella was the new one.
She quickly made somefriends which they gathered to lunch and chat. One day Bella noticed that 3 guys and 2 girls were in the school, but specially one of them captured her attention, his name was Edward and she thought he was quite different from everybody, she thought that he was gorgeous and she quickly started to like him very much, but he was very strange, one day he was very kind with Bella and other he was veryweird and rude.

After that days Edward started being very nice with Bella, they started to hang out and in a few days they realized that they liked each other. Some days Bella noticed that Edward wasn’t a normal person and he started to search about all his characteristics, he was pale, he didn’t assist to school when it was sunny, they weren’t very talkative (his brothers and sisters).
Bellaasked Edward if he was a vampire and he decided to tell her the truth because he loved her. Bella wasn’t scared and she accepted to live like that.

Edward and Bella were inseparable, and he tell her that for the vampires was very difficult to be with people all the time because they have a special scent which the vampires feel attracted by the scent and it was very dangerous because the peoplecan be damaged, even though Bella wanted to be with Edward.

They were together and try to live as normally as they could, but one of the family’s enemies discovers that Bella was with Edward and they tried to kill her because one of them really liked Bella’s scent.
At the end they (Bella and Edward) stayed together.

Twilight is the first part or the first book of the story; there are 5 booksin total.

A. I really liked the book because its like a love story but in a different way like than the typical ones, this story doesn’t have only romance, it has action, kind of comedy, and it keeps you very interested that you have to read and read because you really want to know what is going to happen after.

B. Something that I learned from the book was that no matter howdifferent are 2 persons, if they liked each other you can make it work.
Or in other cases if you like something that you think you cant have it or earned it, you have to be perseverant to have what you want to matter how much you need to fight for it.

C. I would recommend the book especially to women, because it’s mostly a love story and not all the men like that kind of stories.
I would...
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