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III QUARTERLY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Agro-Industrial Development Program of the Celaque Highlands Phase II Belén Gualcho, Ocotepeque. July-September 2010

A | FACTS OF BELEN GUALCHO, OCOTEPEQUE. Belen Gualcho is a small village founded in 1715 is a real jewel in the middle of the Honduran mountains and is located in the Department (County) of Ocotepeque and is also close to the town of Gracias andSan Sebastian to the south. The highlight of the village is the colonial Spanish Church of the Trinity and the sunday farmers market where the Lenca indian people comes to sell their goods and purchase basic food and home supplies. The average elevation of Belén Gualcho, Honduras is 1733 meters. B | PROJECT PROFILE A1. Organization Name Proyecto Aldea Global (PAG) – Project Global Village A2.Program Name Agro-Industrial Development Program of the Celaque Highlands | Phase II Slogan: “Marketing, income and food security for 300 farmers living in the Celaque Highlands, Municipality of Belen Gualcho, Ocotepeque”. A3. Program Area The Celaque highlands region is divided into two sub-regions: The “lower lands” that include the communities of Limoncito, Corral, Gualaca , Llano Largo and LaPuerta. Farmers here focus their production on lettuce, onions and carrots. Above 1,800 meters (almost 6000 feet) the climate is cold and it is called the “high lands” PAG does work there with seven communities: Mohaga, Jutal, Copantillo,Magueyal arriba and Magueyal abajo, Maranchila, Mecate Blanco and Tuyal, Aguacatillo, Zarzal, El Calvario, 1 These communities produce mainly broccoli, cauliflower,different kinds of lettuce and leafy plants, red beets, carrots, and soon potatoes. A4. Objectives and Components of the Program 1

The 3 year program aims to “consolidate the market competitiveness among 230 farmers and 70 business women living in the Celaque Highlands; this by means of strengthening their organization, increase the quality and steadiness of their production and improve theirnegotiation and marketing capacities. Goals - Benchmarks 1: The local Lenca Indian farmers producers association (APROCEL) has full administrative control over its productive and marketing infrastructure, i.e. the pipelines, tanks, dams, information office, the five Community Marketing Centers.(CMC’s) and the main packing center in Belen. 2. 230 farmers complete their technical training inproductive practices and are implementing sustainable agricultural production with drip irrigation. They will join 300 farmers from phase 1 who are cultivating vegetables using drip irrigation . 3.120 key famers from APROCEL increase their marketing capabilities. 4: 120 key members of the water boards and community social auditors are fully trained to administrate the irrigation water service systemcovering the highland and lower areas . 5: Marketing infrastructure is available, completed, and economically sustainable. 6: 150 key women, leaders in the APROCEL are fully training in gender and laws protecting women 7: 70 women have set up their own businesses and are making a profit. A5. Partners (1) Proyecto Aldea Global will partner with the APROCEL Producers Association which is formed by 300farmers functioning in Belen Gualcho. (2) PAG will also partner with the Belen Municipality in order to improve the road conditions, protect local watersheds and expedite the environmental permits. Taxes, public investment and others issues will be negotiated by the three parties. The Belen Gualcho municipality plays a key role since they create and oversee the conditions needed for market expansion,such as road repair, bridges, permits to use water resources , etc. (3) Ten 10 water committees control the irrigation services across the highland and lowland areas (4) EDA (Education for Agro Development) an outsourcer of FINTRAC (, provides technical assistance trainings to local producers interested in vegetables. PAG already has a MOU with them and has worked with them for...
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