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  • Publicado : 31 de octubre de 2010
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Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela
Ministerio Del Poder Popular Para La Defensa
Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica
De La Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana
Extensión Puerto Píritu-EdoAnzoátegui
Sede “Pedro Celestino Muñoz”


Píritu 19 de julio de 2010


Trabajo escrito para entregar el día lunes

Escribir un dialogo que contenga10 oraciones en reported speech.

❖ Debe ser en computadora.

❖ Debe llevar las instrucciones.

❖ Grupo máximo de 5 miembros.

❖ Debidamente identificado.


Pedro: good morningguys heard the interview yesterday president.

John: good morning. Yes he said that he would invest money in the construction of public schools.

Pedro: well done. Because my brother says isdamaged, your school is very

Luisa: hello. What comment?

John: president interview

Luisa: I saw the interview. He said that he raises the salaries of teachers.

Pedro: I think that thisinitiative of the president is extremely important because it will allow the children a pleasant atmosphere.

Luisa: also he said that this will improve the educational formation of children.

John: butalso talk about retirement. He said that Venezuelans from sixty -years for women and sixty-five to man these will benefit.

Luisa: this decision will favor thousands of older people.

Pedro: it istrue, this morning a lady in the supermarket said it was a way of rewarding the work of many years.

John: I wish that I meet, not like the previous governments. They said that would help theelderly.

Luisa: Pedro remembers when the former president said he had to end poverty?

Pedro: yes. But did nothing to solve the problem.


Juan: My grandfather worked for fifty years as ahousewife and she says she never retired.

Luisa: true, my grandmother says she did the same, because the president of his time only cared about their needs and not those of the country.

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