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1-      Define asexual reproduction

2-      Give examples of asexual reproduction in plants, bacteria, protists. Make sketches and label them.

3-      Define Sexualreproduction.

4-      What does the word “fertilisation” mean?

5-      Explain the process of fertilization

6-      Why the sexual reproduction does give variation in the offspring?

7-      Whichtypes of sexual reproduction do you know? Give examples

8-      Relate structure with function of sex cells

9-      Which are the differences between Sperms and Eggs. Make a comparison cahrt.10-  Sketch and label the male reproductive system. State the function of each of its components.

11-  Sketch and label the female reproductive system. State the function of each of its components.12-  What does “zygote” mean?

13-  Why are so many sperms released during an ejaculation?

14-  What is necessary for fertilization to take place?

15-  Explain implantation.

16-  Why isplacenta and umbilical cord so important? Make reference to blood types and blood pressure.

17-  Give 3 examples of animals that carry out external fertilization and another 3 that carry outinternal fertilization.

18-  How many sperms are needed to fertilise an egg?

19-  Why does a membrane form around the egg after fertilization?

20-  Why is it important that the sperm and the eggeach have half the normal number of chromosomes?

21-  Describe how the needs of a human embryo are provided

1-Asexual reproduction: there is only one parent, the offspring is identical to theparent.
2- Plants:

This is how this kind of plant reproduce it self. It uses it pollen to make the egg and then the egg keeps growing as in a human’s reproducction.
Bacteria and Protists: [pic]Their way to reproduce is te same. They duplicate their selves...

3-In sexual reproducction there are two parents, they both have sex organs. The sex organs make sex cells or gametes. In the...
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